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Tonka Bean Absolute Oil


I love our Tonka Bean absolute oil. It is an intensely scented brown material and has that almond – vanilla scent with tobacco hay undertones. The coumarin in the bean that resinates with so many is pure comfort, a scent very familiar that begs to be worked with. Tonka Bean absolute can crystalize over time but returns to liquid if placed in a hot water bath.

The hardwood tree of the tonka bean is a common one that grows in Brazil, Guyana and of course Venezuela and is used as Brazilian teak. Tonka beans are known as mojo or wishing beans in South America and are considered good luck in money and love. We thought it fitting that we add a little extra magic so each order of tonka bean absolute so included is 10 highly aromatic large tonka beans imported fresh from Venezuela to boost your mojo. Or maybe add a little extra magic to your perfume blend.

Suggested use: Blends well with cocoa or vanilla absolute. Orange essential oil is also highly recommended in a blend for a dreamy creamsicle type botanical perfume.



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