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Organic Wild Harvest Greek Oil of Oregano Essential Oil 93% Carvacrol


Nobody has ever accused me of being in the essential oil and natural perfumery business for money. It was never so true as the experiment I conducted on my skin when Oregano 93 arrived fresh artisan distilled for us. The last time I had oregano with a carvacrol percentage over 90 was 2006. I thought it would always be available but by 2008 or 09, it was unobtanium. We kept oregano in our apothecary but I wasn’t happy with the lower carvacrol oils. Oregano is not part of a medicine cabinet, it is the medicine cabinet and high carvacrol is needed to have an all purpose, truly medicinal oil of oregano. When our oregano arrived from Greece a couple of weeks ago, I did the one test that is not recommended, nor do I care to repeat. When eating dairy, my skin reacts in about the worst way within hours. So I consumed dairy for 2 days until I had skin that thankfully could be hidden in a face mask during store outings. I then applied Oregano 93 and waited to see the outcome of this experiment. My face felt like it was on fire for a few hours (again, this experiment is not recommended) and then later in the day, something happened that initially confused me. My face started to swell a little in the areas that had breakouts. I realized that the skin healed on the surface so fast that there was still inflammation underneath. I applied a little more which brought more fiery sensation and waited. The next day I had new skin, like I had been given a strong retinol treatment. A few days later, my skin was soft and pink. More importantly it was completely healed.

Oregano 93 is better than the Oregano of our 2006 era because we now have the complete provenance of this oil. We know how it was wild harvested, and how it was distilled – both dry and fresh and we have a close working relationship with the distiller. All the elements we love here at Mother Nature Prescriptives

Suggested use: Please use with care. This is a very potent oil and not like the typical oil of oregano found on the market. Must be blended at 1% with a carrier oil before use. Scent profile is medicinal, spicy and herbaceous. Blending with eucalyptus, lemon or rosemary tones down the spicy component.



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