Mother Nature Prescriptives

Organic Helichrysum Hydrosol


French Helichrysum hydrosol, with its coquettish honey notes and exquisite healing properties was a pivotal moment for me, a real head swinger. I had encountered many that were a little too green, a little too earthy, almost dirty. One memorable one, was unfortunately like cat urine. My first encounter with French Helichrysum mesmerized in such sweet, honeyed way that I knew that I had finally found the real deal. The essential oil itself is costly which invites adulteration and adulteration in the essential oil business is a messy one benefiting only the producer or broker so sourcing is critical. Authentic Helichrysum is a godsend for those suffering with Rosacea, a skin condition that likes to surface with me when California hits its stride in summer heat. It helps heal stubborn acne, hydrates the skin, soothes eczema. I’ve used it after dental work, cuts and bruises. Helichrysum hydrosol is mandatory for skin care and gentle enough to use daily.

Suggested Uses: Mist and inhale deeply to ease congestion. Can be used to freshen skin in a smokey environment such as a casino. Excellent anti bacterial spray for yoga mat after use. Highly recommended for travel to keep bugs at bay. Excellent for all types of skin issues.

We are very committed to storage and handling with all of our raw materials: all glass packaging in the Mother Nature Prescriptives line is sterilized with 190 proof organic alcohol and stored in a climate controlled environment, surrounded with my personal collection of vintage gemstone pieces, some of which can been seen in many of our photos. Gemstones and essential oils belong together as far as we’re concerned at Mother Nature Prescriptives.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof glass bottles. 



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