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Organic Greek Rose Essential Oil And Hydrosol


Everyone should have the opportunity to feel what Cleopatra felt when she lived so lusciously among roses and lived in the aromatic world. We felt like offering The Greek Rose Collection is a beautiful way to live in that world, to feel romantic for a minute. The collection is half ounce of our organic artisan distilled rose hydrosol and 1 ml of our organic artisan distilled rose essential oil in a stainless steel container that looks mighty cute in a desk drawer when time comes to reuse the container.

Greek Rose Essential Oil
We carry a lot of rose oils in our apothecary: Bulgarian, Turkish, French, Russia, India, China in essential oil, absolute, CO2, and otto. There’s a lot of rose in our collection. It’s fair to say that I have a certain expectation with rose essential oil or absolute, certain notes my nose can expect. But a day after receiving our Greek artisan distilled organic Rose essential oil, I’m still trying to get my head around it. I’m shook. I’m struggling to articulate how different and beautiful this rose is. This Greek rose reminds me of the rose I would pick and make into perfume as a kid; it is uncloying and uncomplicated and true to the fresh picked rose, something that is very difficult to achieve when distilling flowers. It reveals the hand of a masterful distiller and his careful attention to plant material, steam and storage. It excites me, makes me grateful that I do this for a living. Our rose essential oil is an artisan distillation meaning not mass produced and distilled according to crop availability. It is small batches and yes, it is expensive. But like all rare and beautiful things, so little is needed to satisfy one’s right of passage into botanical perfumery.

Organic Rose Hydrosol
We have another gorgeous offering from Greece, a hydrosol so indispensable where hydration is king that if no other product was used on skin, one would still be ahead of the anti aging game. We are very fortunate to have an artisan distiller who cares deeply about the growing, wild harvesting and distilling material that lands as a superb essential oil or hydrosol in our apothecary. Greek Rose essential oil and hydrosol are the newest gifts to land here and we are no less than ecstatic. Our Greek Rose hydrosol is soft, romantic and evocative of wild rose memories of my childhood, invigorating my love for this perfect thirteenth century flower. It’s a reminder that newer rose species are missing the glory of old roses. I spray it everywhere; where I sleep, on face and hair and as a gentle perfume. Greek Rose hydrosol is an every day hydrosol for the every day Aphrodite – Gods and Goddesses of Love.

Suggested Uses: Mist and inhale deeply to ease congestion. Hydrates and freshens skin. Spray into hair to soften and gently scent. Excellent anti bacterial spray for yoga mat after use. Very calming when sprayed on a pillow before sleep.



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