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Frankincense Super Seven Oil CollectionFrankincense Rivae


We have applied cliff notes to each oil to minimize listing becoming lost within itself. Please refer to our single listings for more in-depth descriptions of each frankincense essential oil.

Frankincense sacra|Boswellia sacra 1ml
Frankincense sacra|Boswellia sacra|Oman|Ogaden|Olibanum Essential Oil|Sacred|Royal Hojari|Distiller Direct|Burseraceae|Botanical Perfume Making

Frankincense frereana|Boswellia frereana 1ml
Frankincense frereana|Boswellia frereana|Distiller Direct|Olibanum Essential Oil|Bright Citrus|Burseraceae|Incense|Spiritual|Balsamic|Boost Immune

Frankincense carterii|Boswellia carterii 1ml
Frankincense carterii|Boswellia carterii|Essential Oil|Distiller Direct|Immune Support|Fresh Pine|Burseraceae|Incense|Balsamic|Spiritual|Small Distillery

Frankincense neglecta|Boswellia neglecta 1ml
Frankincense neglecta|Boswellia neglecta|Kenya|Wild Crafted|Black Frankincense|Burseraceae|Camphor|Slight Floral|King of Frankincense|Incense|Chakra

Frankincense rivae|Boswellia rivae 1ml
Frankincense rivae|Boswellia rivae|Essential Oil|Oman|Ogaden|Distiller Direct|Hand Harvested|Somalia|Burseraceae|Fougère|Natural Perfumery|Calms Rocacea

Frankincense serrata|Boswellia serrata 1ml
Frankincense serrata|Boswellia serrata|India|Essential Oil|Economical|Burseraceae|Natural Perfumery|Anti Aging|Diabetes|Osteoarthritis|Free Shipping

Frankincense Resin|Boswellic Acid Soft Resin 1gm
Frankincense Resin|Boswellic Acid Soft Resin|Boswellia carterii|Essential Oil Fortified|10% Boswellic Acid For Healing|Burseraceae|Natural Perfumery|Anti Aging

Suggested uses: blend a few drops in a carrier oil to apply to skin to assist healing or anti aging properties. Can be diffused in an essential oil diffuser to address anxiety. Use in meditation or anoint chakras as needed. Excellent addition to natural botanical perfume making.



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