Mother Nature Prescriptives

Bamboo Scrub Unscented


Over the years, I tried so many scrub ingredients to add to my formulas that were all potential but no scrub. Who wants to remove hide after all? Then came bamboo, a non abrasive but effective raw material for gently removing the dead skin and bringing out a natural shine. I always feel like the last 10 years of hard living come off when I use this gentle face scrub.

All products are unscented and typically made to order. Once made, the products get to hang out with my growing gemstone collection for a day or two to gather additional healing properties.

Organic Coconut Oil
Bamboo Powder
Vitamin C in Glycerine
Emulsifying Wax
White Willow Bark
Provitamin B Serum
Sunflower oil Vitamin E
Vitamin A
Colloidal Silver
Peace, Love & Gemstones

1.7oz/50ml is typically a 30 day supply.

Packaged in 50ml tamper proof jar.



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