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Aged 2008 Angelica Root Essential Oil


I recall a time when Angelica Root essential oil was a readily obtainable oil so why it fell into somewhat obscurity is a mystery to me. Angelica is a handsome herb and as a child, I was obsessed with finding it to candy like I did my mother’s roses. I would visit the library, reading voraciously about Medieval life, eagerly searching colorized photos of the Absinthe green colored candied stems Europeans appeared fond of. It wasn’t until I was living on Saltspring Island, that I discovered Angelica growing wild and was able to candy my foraged finds. The romance of the historical herb was so much more than the actual taste of it and it was then I decided the essential oil was more my speed.

Angelica oil has use in aromatherapy as an addition in blends for joint rubs but where it shines is in botanical perfumery blends. The scent is a heavy, musk like note with a faint celery, herbaceous top note that only adds to the overall profile. We found that with careful aging, the herb fades considerably and becomes a very cohesive heavy wood musk. I pick up notes of fenugreek and sexy earthiness that I can’t help but include when I make my Amber Perfume Oil. Angelica Seed oil is available but I was never able to reconcile it in perfumery use however an Angelica CO2 rolled into the apothecary recently that blew my socks off so we’ll be adding it at a later date.

Suggested uses: Blends with Vetiver, Oakmoss, Clary Sage and a good aged Patchouli. Excellent addition to heavy chypres and fougeres.



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