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100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Amla Hair Oil


Amla or Brahmi oil for thickening hair is nothing new to the Indian market but I felt a little forced to reinvent the wheel. I spent years of searching Indian markets for an organic, chemical free Amla Oil and couldn’t find any. Sketchy additives just ain’t my bag. Amla Hair oil is a superstar for dealing with split dry ends, flaky scalp and encouraging new hair growth. It not only moisturizes the scalp, it’s a darn good anti aging serum. Amla oil is fantastic for moisturizing and taming those dude beards. Multi functioning products appease my my Irish sensibilities which some call cheap. I call it spending smart money on personal care.

Suggested uses: About the best oil to maintain healthy hair. Blend with a few drops of Rosemary essential oil to invigorate the scalp and encourage growth. Helps to address dandruff and dry hair. Vitamin C in Amla oil can help revitalize skin and maintain a healthy glow.

Packaged in our new 4 ounce tamper proof glass bottles with glass droppers.



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